What to eat?

31E72C41-7FA1-426A-B7B1-F147EEAD77B9As part of my year of “Going for Goals” I am also looking at what I eat.  I want to make changes that become my lifestyle so I can be the healthiest version of me.

January was all about exercise, and despite a couple of hiccups, I am consistently exercising three times a week on my running machine.  I am also completing a range of exercises as prescribed by my lovely NHS Physio. They are “great” as they include lunges and squats! I am not a fan of them but I know they will do wonderful things, not only for my back, but my butt and my thighs too!

So you might be wondering why it has taken the whole month of February to get organised.  Well unfortunately life has got in the way, as it so often does.  I started the month with a bizarre fake flu.  I was achy and shivery, and I felt dreadful, but I had no other symptoms.  I had the flu injection back in November and I wondered if I caught the flu but thanks ot the injection I had a very mild version – hence fake flu!  Then before I knew it, it was half term.  Now half term is still an Achilles Heel for exercise and definitely no starting any new eating plans.  Finally I succumbed to a head cold at the end of half term and it took until the end of the following week to start feeling like me again.chocmntshred_web_image_web_image

But as of Monday 26th February it was time for action.  I had already decided I was going to embark on a 7 Day Shred. And this was the day I started.  The 7 Day Shred consists of 1 shake for breakfast (or lunch), a 100 calorie lunch (or breakfast) and a 500 calorie dinner.  You also sip Hydra-Slim (10 ml diluted in 500ml of water) throughout the day.  It has ingredients that help with hunger pangs, reduce sugar craving and help to detox your body. If you exercise you can add 200 calories to your daily intake.5c97ed0b-81a5-48b5-8193-af73b37591a1.jpeg

I am actually enjoying the Shred, my willpower is being tested but I am already feeling less bloated and lighter.  My meals have been all prepared from scratch and so far I haven’t had any carbs.  I have eaten homemade soup, as my 100 calorie lunch.  My chosen shake was the Chocolate Mint version.  I made it both with cold water and with hot water. I  am now torn to see which I prefer.  I also had a high protein snack after a gym session (30 minutes power walking and my physio regime) of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs for 200 calories.  My dinners have been Greek Salad with a roast chicken breast coming in at under 500 calories.  For the next few nights it will be a ratatouille style dinner with added protein and a very small portion of brown rice.2F8D2DBF-B354-44D6-8B4B-FB2923AA9913

You are only allowed to Shred once every four weeks, I wouldn’t want to it more often as I don’t want my body to go into Ketosis.  Been there done that, had the bad breath and the mood swings! The Hydraslim lasts twenty-five days so by drinking that you help to gain the benefits and continue to feel less hungry and have fewer sugar cravings.


As this week has gone on, I have thought about what comes next.  I want to find something that is achieveable and doesn’t make me feel like I am missing out all the time.  I am going to try a version of the 5:2 Diet.  Instead of starting first thing in the mornign, I will start later on and only fast for approximately 16 hours.  More on my progress and weight and inch loss to follow.



Going for goals

The kids are back to school and I’m hitting the running machine

Since the New Year, I have spent a lot of time reflecting on what I would like to achieve this year. I find the changing from one year to another does naturally lend itself to some reflection and contemplation of my life.  I like to think that even at 38, I am not beyond working on me and developing in different ways. I also very realistic to the fact that when I have set myself a New Year’s resolution, I have never actually been able to stick to any  of them.


I thought a change in mindset and even wording was what I needed.  I decided I would set myself goals for the year. But that I would only set one major one at a time as I wanted to ensure each goal becomes a habit.  I felt the word goal has a sense of achievement attached to it and it would be easier to stick to this.

My first goal of the year is to start up my running again.  When I was at my peak with my running, I was running three times a week and up to 5k (3.2miles) each time.  I felt great and my body was in good condition.  However, I was taken off course by ankle surgery and plantar fasciitis among other ailments. But in December I decided enough was enough I had to get some fitness back.

I  am lucky to have a largish shed in the garden with a concrete floor that has a mini gym in it. We have a running machine, weights bench and a punch bag.

Christmas Day

Since I discovered, a few years ago, that I don’t mind running as an exercise I have always wanted to go for a run on Christmas Day but somehow I had yet to make it happen.  2017 was going to be the year I made it happen. And I did.  I actually cheered myself out loud whilst on the treadmill as I was so happy to be there.

Christmas Day – goal achieved = one happy me 


As soon as my two went back at school, I have been going to the shed three times a week. I am starting to notice a difference in my fitness and my foot and other pains are no worse than they were before so I am taking this as a positive.  I still need to dig deep to motivate myself and ensure I carve out time in the week.  One way I have found that works is to put my running gear on as my outfit for the day.  That way I know I have to run if I want to wear warmer clothes.  Which I really do as January has been cold one so far.

After 7 sessions look at the difference in time and distance

I am now at a stage where I am starting to think about my next goal.  The exercise is fast becoming a habit which is brilliant.  February is going to be all about healthy eating. Please notice I don’t say diet.  I am not going on a diet.  Again it’s all about the words.  I wanted to adapt my eating so I have a healthy diet that is sustainable.

I am also planning to undertake a 7 Day Shred, which is a week long detox and low calorie eating plan, designed to help kick start any weight loss you are planning.  You can Shred once a month so with exercise I should start to see a very different version of me.  One hopefully with more energy that ever and a stronger and leaner body too.

Do you have any goals for 2018?