The housework can wait… just one more chapter!

My favourite hobby is reading.  I love to carve time out of my day, every day, to read. It often comes at the cost of having a tidy house or getting a good night’s sleep. That’s just fine with me though.  I just love to escape real life in a world of fiction.  Best of all is when I combine it with a cup of tea. Sheer bliss.


I have a favourite genre, it is sometimes referred to a Chick-Lit.  I am a bit of a soft touch when it comes to modern day romance.  I really enjoy it when the character goes on a bit of a life adventure.  Being based in London, I love books set in difference locations, for example Ireland, Cornwall, Yorkshire to name a few.

I truly believe that everyone should read what appeals to them.  Reading should be form of escape.  You need to get lost in the book, caught up in the fictional world.  People have been writing books for centuries so that is reason enough to me as to why it should be a national pastime.

Some of my favourite authors are: Katie Fforde, Jane Costello, Trisha Ashley, Milly Johnson, Lucy Diamond, Victoria Henry just to name a few!  And I might own nearly all their books! c7ead6e887a0950a8fe4bb9b23addbce--so-true-reading-books

So my question to you is:  are you a E-Reader fan?  I have one and I am starting to enjoy using it.  My first love will always be a paperback.  There is nothing like opening a new book for the first time and breathing in the new book smell.

Now to the tea drining. Another part of my daytime reading ritual, juggling holding the book and drinking my tea is a not a problem!  Breakfast tea or Builders is my favourite, but I am also partial to Acti-Labs Strip Tea.  It is a great detox and there is nothing better than doing something you love and it being good for you at the same time.

Now if you will excuse me I have a good book I need to get back to!



Back to School


Last week my youngest child started full time school.  I have been feeling very mixed emotions. I was pleased he had reached this important milestone in this his life.  On his first day, he was so happy to go in, a huge relief. This was helped by not only attending the school nursery but also his older sister going there too. I was sad though, as I would miss his company in the afternoons.  I also felt a bit lost that this part of my children’s lives being at home with me is over.

My other feeling is what about me?  Without wanting to sound too selfish, I need to think about what I am doing next just for me.

My role has been and is caring for my children, my husband and my house. My children are at school, my husband at work. So that leaves the house!  As satisfying as it is to have a clean and tidy house, I don’t think I can spend 5 days a week cleaning and tidying it!

I decided need a plan.  As I don’t actually want to rush into anything!  So firstly I reflected. I so am fortunate to be at home at this point in my family’s life.

I already have my business which I fit in around my trio of commitments.  I love finding time to talk to people all things beauty and health.  I have a fantastic support network of local friends and family dotted around the country.

I sat down with a piece of paper and worked out what it is that I would like to do with my free time. And here is my first plan:Flapjack

EBay – I am embarking on a mass selling project.  I have plenty to sell and it will give me a clearer house which will be easier to clean and some pennies to.  A win, win win.

Random chores – I am cleaning places that have possibly never been cleaned in years (don’t judge ;-)). I am also going to sort all our photos so we have proper photo albums to look at.

Loft sorting- in the past 8 years whenever we haven’t wanted to get rid of something, we have hidden it in the loft. Now is the time to declutter and make it a place to just keep seasonal items like Christmas decorations, suitcases and fans!

Baking – I have always wanted more time to bake, so far I have made Flapjacks and a Banana Loaf. More to follow on my baking adventures in another blog.

Me 3D CorrectorTo my relief there are some things that haven’t changed at all.  Getting ready for school in the morning is still a challenge, so I am thankful I have 3D Corrector in my life.  Less than 5 minutes doing my hair and face and I am ready for the school run and to face my new days.

Happy September

Party party party

After a very busy weekend, mostly ferrying my children here there and everywhere,  I am pleased to be sitting on the sofa, enjoying a very cold Corona, reflecting on my week. Does anyone else think their children have a better social life than them?!

One of the perks of my Acti-Labs business (Acti-Beauty Claire) is I get to host parties.  This week I joined forces with another Mum, from school.  Anna sells Jamberry Nail Wraps. Both are products which are great for busy people who don’t have much time but still want to take any spare minutes to look and feel good.

However, before the party I needed to prepare.  Cue massive cleaning frenzy.  Are you like me? Maintaining a fairly tidy house but kicking it up a gear when you know you have people coming over? I actually had to write a plan of everything I needed to do so I didn’t forget anything!!

Then it was party time.  I can have moments where I am quite shy. Pip.jpgHowever, start me talking about my Acti-Labs products and I forget to by shy and I’m chatting away.  I love demonstrating how fantastic the products are and at affordable prices.
Every party I do is a little bit different – which adds to the fun.  At this one, the theme was pamper, every guest got a face mask a choice of the New Skin Mask or the Vesuvio Mask.  Seeing the look on people’s faces when they feel their skin after their treatment gives me such a buzz.  Their comments telling me their skin feels so soft, looks clearer and feels cleaner is brilliant.

At the end of the night, I felt shattered but happy.  It’s times like this that I know I made the right decision to join Acti-Labs.