Going for goals

The kids are back to school and I’m hitting the running machine

Since the New Year, I have spent a lot of time reflecting on what I would like to achieve this year. I find the changing from one year to another does naturally lend itself to some reflection and contemplation of my life.  I like to think that even at 38, I am not beyond working on me and developing in different ways. I also very realistic to the fact that when I have set myself a New Year’s resolution, I have never actually been able to stick to any  of them.


I thought a change in mindset and even wording was what I needed.  I decided I would set myself goals for the year. But that I would only set one major one at a time as I wanted to ensure each goal becomes a habit.  I felt the word goal has a sense of achievement attached to it and it would be easier to stick to this.

My first goal of the year is to start up my running again.  When I was at my peak with my running, I was running three times a week and up to 5k (3.2miles) each time.  I felt great and my body was in good condition.  However, I was taken off course by ankle surgery and plantar fasciitis among other ailments. But in December I decided enough was enough I had to get some fitness back.

I  am lucky to have a largish shed in the garden with a concrete floor that has a mini gym in it. We have a running machine, weights bench and a punch bag.

Christmas Day

Since I discovered, a few years ago, that I don’t mind running as an exercise I have always wanted to go for a run on Christmas Day but somehow I had yet to make it happen.  2017 was going to be the year I made it happen. And I did.  I actually cheered myself out loud whilst on the treadmill as I was so happy to be there.

Christmas Day – goal achieved = one happy me 


As soon as my two went back at school, I have been going to the shed three times a week. I am starting to notice a difference in my fitness and my foot and other pains are no worse than they were before so I am taking this as a positive.  I still need to dig deep to motivate myself and ensure I carve out time in the week.  One way I have found that works is to put my running gear on as my outfit for the day.  That way I know I have to run if I want to wear warmer clothes.  Which I really do as January has been cold one so far.

After 7 sessions look at the difference in time and distance

I am now at a stage where I am starting to think about my next goal.  The exercise is fast becoming a habit which is brilliant.  February is going to be all about healthy eating. Please notice I don’t say diet.  I am not going on a diet.  Again it’s all about the words.  I wanted to adapt my eating so I have a healthy diet that is sustainable.

I am also planning to undertake a 7 Day Shred, which is a week long detox and low calorie eating plan, designed to help kick start any weight loss you are planning.  You can Shred once a month so with exercise I should start to see a very different version of me.  One hopefully with more energy that ever and a stronger and leaner body too.

Do you have any goals for 2018?


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