The night I went Country

While I am not a big live music fan – I am always up for new things.  I am more of a West End Musical type of girl.  I also love Disco, the 80s and anything I can dance along to.  I jumped at the chance for a new experience, and this time it was live music in the form of a Country Music gig.

So with County2Country ,or C2C for those in the know, just having taken place recently, I decided to join my friend Sweet Clare and friends at a Charlie Worsham gig.

However before I could leave, I needed to make a few changes.  Although I had blow dried my hair earlier in the day, it was not looking night ready. In  fact had I realised quite how crazy it looked – I would have not left the house (!) – anyway.  I needed to sort my hair and face.  Luckily I had already planned my outfit.

I started with my face. I love doing make up. I see it as artwork for my face especially when it comes to eyeshadow – this time I chose purple.  I take time and use colours that I feel work for me. Blending the colours of the palette on my eyelids.  Then lashings of mascara to make my eyes pop. Followed by some rule breaking dark red matte lipstick.  As Audrey Hepburn once said

“There is a shade of red for every woman”

And finally a quick straighned of my hair and I was good to go!  From crazed haired Mum to night out country chick.

Now to the gig, there was a great support act kicking things off, thank you Alex Francis. It was then time for the main event.  Charlie Worsham was brilliant, he has a fantastic voice and amazing guitar playing skills. I was right at the front and it was so cool!

It was a entertaining night and I can now say I have been to a Country Music gig!


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